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About Sancus

The Sancus Group was established in 2007 and has diverse businesses, ranging from information technology and media, new energy, trading, agricultural produce logistics and financial services. We work closely with governments, business chambers and other public organizations, corporations, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, private equity and other professional bodies in order to grasp global business opportunities. Our major focus is the flourishing China market where we have strong business relationships in the region. We also see our wider role in catering to the developing world in such necessities as water, electricity, telecommunications and food.

The business model of the Sancus Group has been built on the following three principles:

        Focus on Strategic Sectors: We only invest in sectors that we consider strategic, and treat deals in other sectors which come our way only opportunistically.  But once we take up a deal we fully devote our resources and attention to it.

Strategic sectors are primarily those driven by government policies, macro-economic realities or otherwise in line with domestic or international trends.

Currently we focus on the following sectors which we consider strategic:

        New Energy: New energy is one of the sectors that is at the top end of the Chinese Government’s policy agenda. It is also an inevitable international trend and a solution to the energy needs of developing countries.

Mr. Carson Wen, Chairman of the Sancus Group, is the Chairman of the Task Force on Green Business of the Sustainable Business Network (ESBN) of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP). He is also a member of the ESCAP Business Advisory Council (EBAC).

        Financial Services:We are the founding shareholder of Bank of Asia (BVI) Limited which focuses on providing banking services to offshore companies and the entrepreneurs and private equity firms that own them, subject to very robust know-your-customer / anti-money laundering (KYC/AML) processes.  The bank positions itself to be a prominent merchant bank providing wealth management and investment banking advisory services to wealthy customers in Asia.

        Fintech:We have extensive connections in the fintech sector and are working on a number of projects that can make significant positive disruptive changes to the economies involved.

        Agricultural Produce Distribution and Logistics:Food prices are high in China and many other countries as the result of a complex and extended supply chain, with many layers of middle parties adding to the prices of agricultural produces. China AgriTrade, a Sancus subsidiary, is setting up a large regional agricultural produce distribution hub in Putian, Fujian on the west coast of the Taiwan Straits, serving as a one stop trading platform for farm collectives and agricultural enterprises as well as super-markets, large food distributors and food products manufacturers, thus abridging the supply chain. Its JV partner is SZ-listed Shenzhen Agricultural Products, which is the largest agricultural produce distribution hub operator in China.

        Trading:China is the workshop of the world and our subsidiary Sancus Merchandisers Limited specializes in sourcing products from China and elsewhere in Asia for supply to markets which are too small to do sourcing on its own and imports instead from third countries at high prices. We take this not only as a business but a resource to the developing world in lowering their cost of living.

        Partnership:  At Sancus Group we work with partners in every one of our deals, mostly with those with special industry knowledge and background. We also have a religious belief in working with our partners fairly, transparently and equitably. 

        Exit: We plan our exit at the beginning of each deal, in most cases through the capital markets.  This emphasis on planned exit is a manifestation of our disciplined approach to deal-making and does not in any way undermine our commitment to every deal that we elect to do.  Once we decide to take up a deal we fully commit our attention and resources to the transaction.



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