Deal List

The following are lists of active deals that the Sancus Group is working on:

IT/ Media:

  1. TagText
  2. weComm
  3. CKRTV
  4. miniV.tv
  5. Inter-Continental TV
  6. Movie "Lost in Love"
  7. Diagonal View
  8. Sage Vita health channel


  1. Huizhou Longyan Cemetery
  2. ZMAY (www.zmay.com)
  3. Hong Kong Cemetery Development

New Energy Vehicles

  1. Sancus Eco-Cars Holdings
  2. Sancus Power
  3. Sancus SPV
  4. Sancus Automobile
  5. Sancus Auto-Parts


  1. Shanxi Biomass to Biofuel and Organic Fertilizers Pilot Project
  2. Stream Solar Energy
  3. Yunnan New Energy Industrial Base
  4. Biomass gasification and anaerobic digestion Waste-to-Energy Projects


  1. Goldmine in Guangxi
  2. Silver-Lead-Zinc Mine in Guangxi

Other Projects

  1. Tianjin Tanggu 30,000 mu (200 million sq.ft) development site
  2. Old Age Homes
  3. Med-I Mobile Hospitals
  4. Wuhan Jockey Club

Please send us a email to: info@sancusgroup.com if you should like to obtain additional information on any of our above deals.


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