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January 2009

Sancus Eco- Cars

Our Objectives: "To be a leading Chinese manufacturer of environmentally friendly batteries and vehicles through the application of leading Technologies."

The rapid industrialization of China, among other things, has contributed to increasing pollution levels.  The Chinese Government has stressed the importance of China playing its part in the current global efforts to reduce pollution levels by pursuing a new path to industrialization featuring high technology, good economic returns, low resource-consumption, low environment pollution and the full use of human resources.
Project Spring was conceptualized to contribute to that aim.
Sancus Eco-Cars, of the Sancus Group was chosen by MIT Sloan School of Management for its G-Lab Program and a three-men team, all with engineering degrees and industry background, worked on the project.  The team visited China together with Sancus in March 2009,  and together spent three weeks full time evaluating the development, market potential for Li-ion batteries and electric vehicles.

Various studies, as researched by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) G-lab team, pointed to the continued healthy demand growth for Li-ion batteries worldwide, and particularly, in China.
Sancus Eco-Cars possesses the required know-how and ability to harness the synergies within the Sancus Group of inter-related businesses that provides the following:

  • State of the battery and engine;
  • Proven design and manufacturing capabilities;
  • Strategic locations of manufacturing base;
  • Deep industry experience;
  • Strong management team.

Sancus Eco-Cars is now strategically placed and has the abilities to capture the expected growth to become a leading player for :

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries
  • Hybrid engine vehicles (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV)
  • Special purpose vehicles (SPV)

We are in the advanced stage of closing a number of government endorsed new energy and energy efficient vehicles deals in China, bringing value to our joint venture partners while at the same time, fulfilling the Chinese Government’s new,  efficient, alternative energy development objectives.


July 2009

Mr. Carson Wen, Chairman, Sancus Group announced the appointment of Eila Chin as Director & General Manager on 1 July 2009.

Eila brings with her significant business management experience acquired over two decades at various multinational corporations.  This experience will be valuable to building value and success for the joint ventures that the Sancus Group undertakes with our strategic partners in Asia.


More to come..



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