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Sancus Capital’s expertise is in deal making and building value for our partners as well as ourselves. We do not operate as an advisor but as a party and an equity stakeholder to the deal. We normally conceive or initiate the transaction, structure the deal – often times innovatively – and put together the critical parties. We are involved in the deal from the start, we continue to monitor the business, and we create and implement an appropriate exit strategy. Our expertise ranges across a spectrum of deals – from start-ups to IPOs, trade sales, and mergers and acquisitions.

Our focus is on the opportunities in China especially in the areas high on the national policy agenda. These include technology, the environment, new energy, financial services, agricultural logistics, services for the aged and natural resources. Our management and business partners have in aggregate over 300 years of proven track record in doing deals in China where we have developed unparalleled network and goodwill. In addition, through our circle of associates in the major business centers in Asia and Africa we have valuable access to opportunities in other Asian markets as well as in African countries.

We are not brokers and do not do transactions on a commission basis.


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